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October 07, 2006

The Yankees Lose! The Yankees Lose!

Now I can enjoy the playoffs. This proves once again that the Curse of A-Rod is real--that no team with Alex Rodriguez can win the World Series. Not just because he went 1-for-14 in the series; it's because he has offended the baseball gods and they are meting out their punishment. If Steinbrenner realizes this and dumps him, then the Yankees could easily win next year given all the talent they have. They only owe him $67 million for the last 4 years of his contract, and I'm sure would be willing to eat at least $15 million to remove the Curse; so any team that traded for him would be getting a good-hitting, bad-fielding third baseman for $13 million a year. Surely some team where the postseason is not an issue, that just wants to improve from 70 to 80 wins or something, would want that? Or put him back at short. Or even DH. $13 million is a lot for a DH (it's twice what David Ortiz makes) but it's less than Jim Thome, who has only slightly better numbers.

Speaking of which, you know the Mariners really weren't that terrible. They went 78-84, which is the same as the Marlins, and people were ga-gaing over them until the last week of the season. Unfortunately, given their management's stated theory of how to win (develop promising young players, then trade them for veterans on the wrong side of 30), this may be about as good as it gets around here.

Posted by AdamBa at October 7, 2006 06:51 PM

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