Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters
by Adam Barr

ISBN: 0-595-16128-6
342 Pages

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Comments from Microsoft employees:

"You have a lot of insights in the book and I think other folks will get a lot out of it, even if they do not know much about the industry."

"Enjoyed reading it...quite accurate and brought back a lot of memories."

"A fascinating read."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the common sense approach and conclusions, and agreed with so much, especially, with the final chapter. Thanks for putting into writing what I have thought for so long."


From the back cover:

"Why has Microsoft really been successful? Forget what you have read elsewhere. In Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters, a ten-year veteran of the front lines of the software development wars gives the real story on why the company has succeeded, what it does well and what it does badly, and what it needs to do in the future. The book has first-hand information on how Microsoft works internally: the relationships between programming teams and the rest of the company; how Microsoft recruits and interviews people; the sacrifices that are made to get software done; the lure of stock options; and what it is like to be sued by your own government. The insights are relevant for anyone interested in Microsoft, the software industry, or business in general."