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July 28, 2008

Dave Niehaus in the Hall of Fame

Dave Niehaus, the Mariners play-by-play announced for their entire existence, was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. Actually, it wasn't quite clear exactly what status he was being awarded. The newspaper (and the Mariners, in announcing a Dave Niehaus bobblehead next weekend) referred to him entering the Hall, but it didn't seem he could be going through the same door as Duke Snider and Satchel Paige; for one thing he's not retired, and for another, although he is a great announcer with a wonderful enthusiasm for the game and a central-casting voice, he's not THAT famous.

Eventually a Wikipedia lookup revealed that Niehaus was actually winning the Ford C. Frick Award, which honors broadcasters. So it's a big fat honor and well-deserved, but he won't have a plaque next to Gary Carter and all those people. He does get a plaque in the library, and he also got to give a speech at the induction ceremony last weekend.

His most famous call was Edgar Martinez's double to win the 1995 ALDS against the Yankees. Somewhat criminally, the audio on the MLB site remembering the 1995 season is the one from Brent Musberger--are they kidding?!? Luckily an obsessed fan has created a Ken Griffey, Jr. tribute site, and there you can find the call in all its Niehausian glory. Really it's not possible to listen to that and not get a huge smile on your face.

Posted by AdamBa at July 28, 2008 09:48 PM