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May 12, 2007

Workplace Advantage: Let a Thousand Hammers Bloom

The Workplace Advantage remodel has arrived. Yesterday was my last day in the "old" second floor of building 21. I packed up all my stuff and for four months I will be working from home, or in meeting rooms, or lounges, or wherever I can find Microsoft corporate network Wi-Fi. Next week I am teaching a class Tuesday-Thursday and I'm spending Monday meeting with someone else getting ready, so I won't really notice the difference until the week after.

It was a somewhat unusual move because my stuff is going to storage, not another office right away. For one thing I had to pick anything I needed to use in the next 4 months and bring it home. For another, they said they wouldn't move any non-standard furniture so I had to move my rocking chair to an office downstairs in building 21. My main desktop computer is going to be moved to the office of co-worker who volunteered to have it sit there; he's just going to plug in power and network and turn it on, so I can connect via Terminal Services if I need it. So I had to walk my computer over to his office and label it as part of his move (he's one of the people who is getting a temporary office during the remodel).

I an earlier move I expressed a thought that I could pack my stuff in about half a moving box (at Microsoft you are given cardboard moving boxes to pack in). I think back then it actually took two boxes, but this time it took seven. In my defense, two of them were books that were left in my office by the previous occupant, which I am keeping because they can be put in the common team bookshelf we will have in our new space; and one of them was computer equipment (like my laptop docking station) which would normally have been moved for me, but in this case I had to put in storage. So it's really four boxes. I did throw a lot of stuff out (old conference badges, Monad specs, etc) and I do have more books of my own now that I am in Engineering Excellence, but I still have more than I need.

Which reminds me that my garage has about four boxes of stuff from my first career at Microsoft (like my Ship-It award and patent cubes) and I have been tasked by my wife with cutting that down to one box which will go in the attic. Purely for my own amusement, I may put some of the old junk, like coffee mugs, up on eBay. I'll let you know.

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