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November 11, 2004


My group is being moved to another building at Microsoft. The date for the move is next Friday, the 19th.

As part of the move, we will be kicked out of our offices that day (actually at 5 pm the day before). This is because it is a complicated 15 Puzzle-like move, in which they have to shift everybody around just so (actually it may be more like a "16 puzzle", in which there are no spare offices available to hold things temporarily). I remember back in October 1990 we did a big Building 1/2/3/4 reshuffle of the NT, Lan Manager, and OS/2 groups (following the "bears switching positions" divorce from IBM) and they gave us a day off to do the move, which was a huge deal then. I went by work that day and they had moved everybody's boxes down to the garage (in the old buildings there is only one floor of garage and they are partially visible from outside, so it looked like they had just yanked the floors out and let everything drop). Then they moved everything from the garage to the new offices.

Anyway, one unusual thing about the move (for me) is that we did not get to pick our new offices. Usually your manager or group manager gets a map of the new space and walks around having people pick offices based on seniority. But here they just assigned offices -- I think still using seniority, but it means instead of having a great view of the 520 freeway, I have a great view of the park-and-ride lot, with only an angle view of the freeway.

They dropped off moving boxes yesterday. Actually first somebody came and dropped off masking tape. Then someone else came with the boxes. The box guy I guess was a subject-matter expert, because he actually visually appraised my office and then decided I needed 3 boxes (all my junk from the first ten years is still in our garage at home, so in fact I'll need about half a box once I get done throwing out stuff I don't need). Then a third person came by to count my computers. Then today an administrative assistant for the group that is getting my old office came by to scope it out. My office is actually an island of Monadness marooned in a sea of some other group (Active Directory I would surmise, based on hallway conversation) and my old office is being given back to that group.

Posted by AdamBa at November 11, 2004 01:14 PM

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Perhaps I have a little too much MS in my blood, but the use of SME in this context made me laugh out loud.

Posted by: KC Lemson at November 15, 2004 09:18 PM