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April 25, 2005

Panoramic Images

Microsoft's Digital Image Pro software has a feature where it can stitch together multiple overlapping pictures into panoramas. I actually heard about this because I went to a talk by Michael Cohen, who works in Microsoft Research, where he demoed an improved version of this that does all kinds of fancy things. But I couldn't get that to work on my machine...but the one in Digital Image Pro is pretty good.

This is a composite picture of downtown Montreal from the lookout on Mount Royal -- it was originally six pictures. The lookout has a railing which you can just see in the bottom left and bottom right corners:

I like the effect of irregular edges...If you want the full-sized one, here's a lower-quality version (2.1 megs) or the full version (17.5 meg). The picture above has some wonky-looking buildings which was an effect of shrinking it down by a factor of 12 in Digital Image Pro (I'll have to try in another program to see if it also does that).

And here's a view from the tower of the Olympic Stadium -- this is 5 pictures across and 2 pictures high:

[full-size low quality (1.2 megs), full-size high quality (11.8 megs)]. In that picture you can actually see downtown (on the horizon to the right of center) and the mountain from which I took the other panorama (just to the right of downtown).

Posted by AdamBa at April 25, 2005 04:33 PM

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