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April 01, 2005

Microsoft Ships Server SP1 and Windows x64

A few days ago Microsoft shipped Windows Server 2003 SP1. They also shipped Windows for x64, but they don't seem to be talking about that much (there's just a stale page on the website that talks about it coming soon).

I guess the difference is that the service pack is a free upgrade that is available immediately for download, while the x64 stuff was just RTMed (released to manufacturing) and won't be available in stores and OEM machines for a little while. The press is definitely talking about the service pack, so that must be the message that marketing is putting out. Still, your intrepid reporter went to the ship party yesterday and the excitement internally was all about x64.

It is very unclear if the x64 stuff includes the latest service packs -- i.e., is Windows Professional x64 really XP SP2 x64, or the original XP? And do the various flavors of Windows Server x64 include the SP1 changes? So I checked with someone, and the answer is YES, the x64 releases do indeed include all the latest service pack fixes.

I was talking about x64 with someone at work and they repeated a line from someone else: "Not a lot of people need 64 bits...but a lot of people need 33."

Posted by AdamBa at April 1, 2005 09:01 PM

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