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December 30, 2004

Google Stories

An article about Google and its quest to stay happenin', which quotes my blog (and also fixes a typo in the quoted section, which I hadn't noticed until now).

My father, who is a mathematician, recently told me a Google-related story. In January 1997 he visited a colleague who was a CS professor at Stanford. The professor was busy one day so he assigned one of his grad students to give my father a tour of San Francisco. My father said the grad student was very nice, it turned out he was the son of a mathematician, and had emigrated from Russia when he was younger. Later, my father went to a talk that the guy gave, which was about using inbound links as a way to rank web sites.

Actually I heard a similar story from someone I interviewed once, also about a demo at Stanford, except this was earlier, around 1994, and it was a presentation about building a giant categorized database of web sites. It was an early version of Yahoo! (and my father's guide that day in San Francisco, for anyone who has been off-planet for a while, was Sergey Brin).

Moving further away from the original topic, there appear to be three authors out there named Michael Barr. The one writing mathematical textbooks is my father. Then there is someone who wrote a book about embedded systems programming for O'Reilly, and a guy at Queensland University who studies Asia. I wonder if the other two know that their name is an anagram for "marble chair"?

Not much going on at work today, as you can tell.

Posted by AdamBa at December 30, 2004 11:32 AM

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