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July 07, 2007


Today is July 7, 2007, which of course abbreviates nicely as shown in the title. For some reason I like to post blog entries on days like today as proof that I did actually take note of their awesomeness, as I was experiencing it.

I can still remember the time, gosh it must have been about thirty years ago, when my father pointed out to me that it was 7-7-77.

In other news related to this date, it would have been Robert Heinlein's 100th birthday (nice how the slashdot URLs happen to have the date in them in 2-digit format, so they encode "07/07/07" for all stories posted today), which means he was also born on 07-07-07.

And Boeing is planning to introduce their new airplane, the 787, tomorrow, on 07/08/07.

Posted by AdamBa at July 7, 2007 03:16 PM

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The whole Boing thing doesn't really work over here. They would have needed to introduce it on the 7 August for that to have worked. It is amazing how stuff like that doesn't travel well.

Posted by: Jack at July 8, 2007 08:46 AM

It would be really lucky too if there would have been 7 car explosions in Irag that day, and 77 people would have been killed. And what about that lucky guy who would be left with 7 fingers after losing 3 in a bombing.

Posted by: Sid Singh at July 9, 2007 02:39 PM