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January 01, 2007

Pictures from the Windstorm

Here are some pictures from the windstorm a couple of weeks ago.

This is a tree that fell on the street a block away from us. If you look between the two kids in front (N and K with M behind, for any family members reading this), you can see the remnants of a row of mailboxes:

A few blocks away, a tree fell completely across a street:

Right around the corner from that, a tree that was right next to a house fell--luckily away from the house:

The remnants of the same tree, in front of the house next door:

For four days this tree was hanging over the street leading to our house, supported by the power line; this photo is complete with a car that is "shooting the gap":

The area behind the kids' school is dotted with large trees:

Another tree that fell towards the school, luckily landing in a nook between two classrooms and apparently doing only minor damage to the paint (although the kids have been off school since then, so I don't know what the status or how much has been cleaned up):

A house that got hit by a tree a few blocks away:

And down the street from that, a house known as "the house with five trees on it":

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