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April 21, 2006

Microsoft Employees are VIPs at DiscoverU

There's a place in Seattle called DiscoverU. It's a "lifelong learning organization", whatever that means. Basically it's one of those places that offers all sorts of classes for adults. It's like the Learning Annex in New York, the slightly off-kilter adult education place that Lisa Loeb went to on #1 Single. They offer clases all around the Seattle area, including on the Eastside. They're really an instructor-student connection maker and payment taker, so the classes are wherever the instructor offers them.

Normally when you register for a class you pay a $10 registration fee (which is good for 60 days), or you can pay an annual fee of $15, or a VIP membership of $39 which gives you $5 off every class. BUT, I noticed that on the registration page, the button you button to select "VIP Member", also lists "Microsoft Employee". I take this to mean (although my email to confirm it went unanswered) that Microsoft employees get the no fee and $5-off deals all the time.

So hey, I guess we can take advantage of this perk to sign up. They don't seem to be offering "Telepathic Animal Communication" this time, but you can sign up for "Brain Gym" or "The Beast of Revolving Credit" or "Making a Living Without a Job" or "Become a Mystery Shopper" or "Dating People With Children" or "Beginning Ornamental Steel Welding" or "Introduction To Your Life Purpose" (some of these classes sound like Isabella, but in person). If none of those work out, you can always try "Introduction to Blogging". "Become a media star from the comfort of your own home!", it says.

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