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October 28, 2005

Monad Release for Whidbey RTM

The RTM bits of Whidbey (.NET Framework 2.0) are starting to become available (MSDN subscribers can get them now, and I also saw a link to a public download of the framework, although I don't know if that is officially encouraged so I won't link to it).

We have put up new builds of Monad that work with the RTM version of Whidbey. You can choose the x86 version or the x64 version.

This version also works with earlier Release Candidates of Whidbey (any version of the form 2.0.50727.xx), such as the one handed out at the PDC.

Posted by AdamBa at October 28, 2005 09:52 PM

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Awesome! I was hoping that we'd get a new version of Monad soon. :D

Posted by: Andy at October 29, 2005 06:23 AM


I forgot to uninstall MSH before installing RTM framework. RTM MSH refuses to install, and the old MSH refuses to uninstall.

Don't suppose you have a good way to fix this that doesn't involve several hours of framework juggling?

Posted by: Keith J. Farmer at October 30, 2005 01:35 PM

Keith, unfortunately you have to do it the hard way: uninstall the new framework, install the old framework, then uninstall Monad, then uninstall the old framework, then install the new framework, then install the new Monad.

I got stuck the same way a few upgrades ago.

- adam

Posted by: Adam Barr at October 30, 2005 04:58 PM

Deleting the key


seems to have done it.

By the way, there needs to be a better way to bootstrap code signing -- perhaps include sign-file in the builtins next version. I've had to sign some files twice just to get them to work.

Posted by: Keith J. Farmer at October 30, 2005 05:04 PM

Keith, you should be able to use the set-authenticodesignature cmdlet to sign. Or any tool like signcode.exe (or is it codesign.exe, I forget) since Monad uses a standard SIP to sign files so anything that uses the Windows signing infrastructure should work.

What specific problem did you have?

- adam

Posted by: Adam Barr at October 30, 2005 06:06 PM

Just that I had a lot of .msh files that needed to be signed, which were loaded with my profile-custom.msh, chained off of profile.msh. I used the sign-file script, after signing it a couple times (by the way, I wrapped it in a function so that dot-loading at startup didn't execute it).

It seems that signing sometimes doesn't take. I'd sign a directory of files, and when I restarted MSH some of the ones I signed would show up as unsigned. After I just took up the practice of signing the same file twice in a row, things settled down, but it was more painful than it ought for something intended to entice people to work securely.

Personally, I'm just glad to have an RTM compatible version. From the messages on the newsgroup, I wasn't expecting this for another month or so.

Now in copious spare time I can try getting this to work with LINQ.

Posted by: Keith J. Farmer at October 30, 2005 07:20 PM