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July 26, 2005

Square-Wheeled Bicycle

My father was telling me about a former math student at McGill name Stan Wagon who built a square-wheeled bicycle and a road to ride it on. Sure enough, he has a website with a photo. There's more info on the web; this article goes into more detail. Here's a quote: "Just as a square rides smoothly across a roadbed of linked inverted catenaries, other regular polygons, including pentagons and hexagons, also ride smoothly over curves made up of appropriately selected pieces of inverted catenaries. As the number of a polygon's sides increases, these catenary segments get shorter and flatter. Ultimately, for an infinite number of sides (in effect, a circle), the curve becomes a straight, horizontal line."

Posted by AdamBa at July 26, 2005 11:25 AM

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Now that is cool. I want to Lance ride one of these!

Posted by: Chris at July 26, 2005 08:42 PM


Are my comments so stupied you don't even read them?

Posted by: Ivan at July 27, 2005 01:57 AM

Isn't that a picture of a "tri"-cycle

Posted by: senkwe at July 27, 2005 05:05 AM

Ivan: What? My blog has comments?

Now that you point it out, I do recall reading your comment and going to the link...but my post was independently inspired by what my father said.

Posted by: Adam Barr at July 27, 2005 02:29 PM

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