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May 19, 2005

Survival of C89.5 in Doubt

Since there has been some discussion of alternative radio, here's an article about how C89.5 (aka KNHC) might be sold. For those who don't know, C89.5 is another Seattle radio station that plays a wide range of music, mostly dance but they have some other shows also. Remixes, mash-ups, random stuff they pulled off the Internet, plus they have DJs who mix their own stuff.

The station is actually run by students at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle. The Seattle School Board is strapped for cash, in fact it just attempted to close some schools but got shot down by parents. So they are looking for money and C89.5 is a juicy target either just to shut it down and save $100K a year, or else selling it, which they think might bring in $8 million (they have a little "balance the budget" game if you want to take crack at it).

Closing C89.5 would be terrible for all concerned, but of course if you want to dance, you gotta pay the piper. If you want to pledge to C89.5, you can do so here.

Posted by AdamBa at May 19, 2005 10:52 PM

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