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November 17, 2004

Washington Governor's Race Still Undecided

The initial count is done in the election for Governor of Washington State, and currently Republican Dino Rossi leads Democract Christine Gregoire by 261 votes, or almost exactly 0.01% of the votes cast.

The race is close enough to require a machine recount, but not a manual recount (which would have been required if the difference were 150 votes or fewer/less (tough call on "fewer" vs. "less" there)).

From this page with the history of state recounts, you can see that this is easily the closest election in state history, especially as a percentage of votes cast.

Interestingly, the last two recounts were in 2000, for Senator and Secretary of State. Although the results were not reversed in either case, in both cases the Democrats gained more than the 261 votes that separate Rossi and Gregoire (+276 for Cantwell in the Senate, +267 for Bonker for Sec'y of State -- yes it was +267, despite the incorrect claim on the website that it was +77).

The recount should take another week, according to this article.

Posted by AdamBa at November 17, 2004 09:13 PM

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