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September 07, 2004

Brainteaser Interviews

Today's mail brought a complimentary copy of John Kador's new book How to Ace the Brainteaser Interview. He sent me a copy because he interviewed me for the book (in fact a brief article in Fortune about the book has a quote from me).

I haven't read the book yet, except a quick scan to look for my own name. I did look at the blurbs on the back cover. Three of the six blurbs are from me, Joel Spolsky, and Chris Sells -- the same "people with an opinion on Microsoft interviewing" that William Poundstone talked to at length when researching How Would You Move Mount Fuji?

Kador has a section at the back where he links to various interviewing-related sites (including here). In discussing Poundstone's book, he mentions Ole Eichhorn's review of it, but not my review on Slashdot. I'm pretty sure Kador read my review, because a) I told him about it, so why wouldn't he, but more importantly b) in his book (he == Kador at this point), he mentions the somewhat obscure book Games for the Superintelligent by James Fixx, which I also mentioned in my review of Poundstone's book.

Did everybody follow that?

Anyway, I'm not trying to criticize Kador here. A blurb on the back, a link inside, some quotes, a free copy of the book -- no complaints from this end.

Posted by AdamBa at September 7, 2004 09:54 PM

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