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December 07, 2007

Eric Brechner's "Hard Code" Now in Blog Form

My manager in Engineering Excellence, Eric Brechner, writes a monthly column called "Hard Code", which is now available in a book of the same name. It's an interesting glimpse inside Microsoft because it's a public collection of columns that were originally written for internal consumption. Also, Eric wrote the columns to be deliberately provocative, AND he's a funny guy and a good writer. So it's interesting to see his stuff out in public (for the book he added some explanatory text in certain cases, so if you don't know what is meant by "the SD sync window opened after the BVT pass rate for TP1 exceeded the quality gate"...well Eric's book probably won't explain THAT, but it does explain some other stuff he talks about).

When I joined EE in early 2006 I had the idea that Eric should create podcasts of his talk. This then got bogged down in some legal wrangling because podcasts, by design, are meant to go outside the corporate firewall, and there was some concern about the scandalous nature of the content. Somehow these discussions led to the idea of putting it all in a book. We still aren't doing podcasts (although there is discussion within EE of how to best use podcasts), but Eric now has a "Hard Code" blog where he has put up some of his old columns, and is now going to post his new ones. I don't always agree with what Eric writes, but if you want to see unfiltered glimpses inside Microsoft along the lines of "I still haven't recovered from the amputation of our midyear ratings, which allowed managers to send messages and employees to salvage careers after a temporary setback. They've been replaced with a time-consuming CareerCompass that contributes complexity and confusion instead of context and clarity", then surf on over and check it out.

Posted by AdamBa at December 7, 2007 10:17 PM

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Hi Adam, how are you? I hope fine.

I'm having a problem with calling the popup menus using Visual FoxPro 9 SP2. The thing is: we call the popup menu from a buttom and it is taking too long to appear to the user.

It is really slow and we use SEEK() to locate register in a free table, so that the menu can check what are the user permissions.

Not all customers are having this problems. It doesn't occur when I run the .exe in the server, only at the client desktop using Windows XP.

Are there any incongruities between the popup menu and the operating system? Both clients we get to have this situation are using Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2005.

And both clients use the Microsoft SQL 2005 Express version as database management system.

We have the same tools in another client and do not have this problem.

I'd appreciate if you could help me.

Thank you very much,

Posted by: lisa ribeiro at December 13, 2007 01:42 PM

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