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May 29, 2007

Gary Flake is Awesome

One of the things we do in Developer Engineering Excellence, every six months or so, is have a "commencement" for students who have taken some of our classes aimed at more senior developers. Since these classes focus on career development, the idea is to have a Microsoft executive talk to a small audience on the general topic of career advice, with time for Q&A later (there are no actual diplomas handed out). We don't pick any ol' executive, we (or me, actually, since I am the current organizer of these) choose someone who has a background as a developer. We also offer beer and munchies, which given our budget is actually a rare occurence. And the talks are taped for later viewing.

Last week we had Gary Flake speak at commencement and he was great. Talking to people like him gets me excited (or I suppose I should say "super excited") about Microsoft. There were only about 65 people there, out of about 400 people who had taken one of the classes since the last commencement. I suppose this is due to Newton's First Law (the objects-at-rest-stay-at-rest part), but they had a great time. It's not a bad number of attendees (the commencement is completely optional) it's just a shame more people couldn't have benefited from it. Gary gave some excellent advice and also had some very honest answers to questions. Luckily thanks to technology you can watch it if you want (if you work at Microsoft I mean). Go to the learning site and search for "commencement", it's the one from May 2007. The first 3:24 is me doing the intro, then you get to the good stuff.

Posted by AdamBa at May 29, 2007 05:17 PM

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