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May 18, 2007

A Nice Training Opener

I took a "Train the Trainer" class a few weeks ago. One of the things they talked about was having a good "opener" and "closer" for your training. An opener is something to make people mingle a bit; it should be fun and be at least slightly related to the content. A closer is a way to wrap things up, again with a slight reference to what has just been learned.

One opener the trainer trainer used was having a word search on the tables when we started. There are various websites that will make a free word search, I have already tried this in a couple of classes and I liked it. You leave the word searches scattered on the table, only a few people do them, but it allows you to put a few of the key words in their minds before the class starts.

There are also sites that will generate crossword puzzles, so another EE person and I had the idea of putting out a crossword puzzle on the last day of multi-day training. On the first day the word search introduces the words, by the last day they should know what they mean so you can give out the crossword puzzle.

Then I had the idea that I should also provide a cryptic crossword puzzle. Same answers, different clues. Stuff like "Sounds like criminal followed proper technique for thinking about interface design" (that would be "CONTRACT") or "Our methodology involved looking for scum around Middle Earth" ("SCRUM", obviously).

I know I have better things to spend my time on, but I can't resist the temptation.

Posted by AdamBa at May 18, 2007 10:39 PM

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