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March 12, 2007

U-Dub Snub

March Madness is upon us, the time of year when all thoughts turn to the NCAA college basketball tournament. The selections for the tournament were announced yesterday, including surprising upstart the Washington State Cougars.

For teams that don't make the NCAA, there is the NIT, essentially a consolation tournament which takes the best teams that didn't get chosen for the NCAA. This ESPN article about the tournament describes it as "Once the NCAA picked the 65-team field for its tournament, the NIT had the pick of the leftovers, which included the four No. 1s and others such as Syracuse, Drexel, Kansas State and Washington."

The only problem is that Washington didn't get chosen for the NIT. The top 6 teams in the Pac-10 got into the NCAA and UW was 7th in the conference. It was basically a foregone conclusion that Washington would get into the NIT, given that they beat UCLA, USC, and Oregon and played in a power conference, but for whatever reason they didn't. This Seattle PI article describes the scene: the players got all ready for practice, then gathered around the TV to watch the NIT selections, to find out where they would be playing. Surprise! The answer was "nowhere". Clunk.

The ESPN article raises the possibility that people on the East Coast (including the NIT selection committee) simply forgot the Huskies existed, and the whole thing was just a big oversight.

Posted by AdamBa at March 12, 2007 08:16 AM

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