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September 04, 2006

Mini-Microsoft in Wikipedia

Something strange going on; there are over 6.5 billion people in the world, and up until now not a single one of them has created a Wikipedia page for Mini-Microsoft.

Well, I don't know about the other 6.499 billion slackers, but I have personally taken it upon myself to remedy the situation. Mini now has his own li'l Wikipedia page. I wrote up some quick content but in the spirit of Wikipedia, everyone should now pile on and start fleshing it out. I hope there will be someone who actually wades through his old posts and starts filling in more details in the "History" section (main topics covered and when, graph of comments by month, etc); and I expect the "Effect on Microsoft" section to generate some Wiki-storms; but for me the true Arkenstone will be the evolution of the "Anonymity" section, where tidbits from his posts can be teased out and relentlessly micro-analyzed.

I'm hoping this will be a win-win-win; Mini gets the official Internet stamp of importantness, Wikipedia gains a bunch of new registered voters (who can now spread out and clean up the entries on pinot noir, unicycling, and whatnot), and Mini-hunters get a central place to pool their intelligence.

And before someone asks: NO, this is not a vanity page.

Posted by AdamBa at September 4, 2006 10:35 PM

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There's a good chance that that the wiki gnomes will come after this page and delete it at some point. My advice is make sure you take a backup if the detail is good just in case...

Posted by: Sitsofe at September 5, 2006 11:42 PM