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August 25, 2006

One of My Favorite Baseball Pictures

This is one of my favorite baseball pictures. It's out of Sports Illustrated, so copyright by them. In order to minimize the damage of that, I combined it with some other pictures (also copyrighted) to produce...art?!? Hoping that in this case two wrongs make a right. I assume that the main reason SI wouldn't want me to put a scan of the picture on a website is because someone else could then use it--I think I have prevented that.

Anyway here is the enhanced picture (click on it if you can't see the whole thing):

The date is April 29, 1986, and Roger Clemens has just struck out Phil Bradley of the (it figures) Seattle Mariners to record his 20th strikeout, setting a record (since tied) for a nine-inning game. I love this picture (which was taken by a fan behind home plate) because:

  1. It captures a historic baseball moment.
  2. Bradley has struck out, but he has the classic response of remaining immobile, as if pretending it didn't happen will change something (to the right of Howland).
  3. The umpire is in the middle of an emphatic strikeout call (just above Albert).
  4. It shows the time, 10:14 (to the left of Churchy).
  5. It shows the scoreboard message in response to the previous strikeout, which tied the old record (above Beauregard).
  6. The ball is caught in mid-throw back to Clemens (to the left of Pogo).
  7. My favorite part by far: Clemens's casual pose as he waits for the throw; just another night at the ballpark (to the left of Porky).

Here is a box score of the game. I remember reading the original article in Sports Illustrated 20 years ago. The title was "Striking Out Towards Cooperstown". At the time I thought hah, what does one great game have to do with getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Shows what I know.

Posted by AdamBa at August 25, 2006 08:50 PM

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The combination of copyrighted works is still copyrighted, this time as derivate work. There are exceptions for the use of copyrighted work without holder permision and art is definitly not one of them. I think that news reporting and parody are some of the exceptions.

If your case about "2 wrongs make it right" was true then using unlicensed Windows would be OK if you use it with unlicensed Photoshop or/and MS Office.

Posted by: Ivan at August 26, 2006 11:58 AM