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March 23, 2006

Traffic Jam on the Road to the North Pole

Here's an article about "rush hour" at the North Pole. It seems that teams who are trying to reach the North Pole (which I guess has a limited window between winter cold and summer melt) are bumping into each other, sort of. Including the Finnish Airborne Team, which evidently is not related to the Swedish Bikini Team. Looks like they need some transportation planning. Maybe an HOV lane on the ice. And an intermodal transportation center at Ward Hunt Island, complete with integrated "single fare" ticketing, would speed their journey north.

Here's a website that tracks polar trips. Fascinating reading. I suspect this was where the quote about "Bettina has been freezing all night" came from. Or maybe it was here, which seems to be related to the first one. Or I guess it was on the "Bettinas Tur" site...yes, here's the quote. I gather they use a satellite phone to call someone who updates the website.

Posted by AdamBa at March 23, 2006 11:38 AM

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Swedish Bikini Team - eh? I'll be in touch with the Finnish team this evening and I'll ask 'em if they've seen the Swedish team there.

Posted by: Apo at March 25, 2006 06:36 AM

Nope - they haven't seen any. Sorry. :-=

Posted by: Apo at March 27, 2006 11:06 AM