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October 15, 2005

At Illinois

On Thursday evening I gave a presentation on Monad at the University of Illinois, hosted by the local ACM chapter. It was a whirlwind tour: total time from my alarm going off at home on Thursday morning to arriving back home on Friday afternoon was 35 hours. That included flying to Chicago, driving down to Champaign/Urbana, the talk, dinner afterwards, sleep in a hotel, drive back up to Chicago, and fly home.

The talk went well, as Monad talks always do. Lots of good questions and people seemed very interested. Only mistake was I forgot to demo my aliens.msh game, which I intended to close the talk with. Oh well.

I had actually spent some time in Urbana previously. My father taught there for four years and I lived there from age 1.5 months (when we returned from a summer in Switzerland with newborn me in tow) to 11 months (when we decamped for a summer in Seattle and thence off to Montreal to raise us kids). I started my presentation with the picture below, taken during the time in Urbana:

That innocent looking lil' dude is me, age I would guess about six months. The person with the curly hair and green shirt is my sister Becky, who as you may be able to discern is CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF STEALING MY PACIFIER. You can almost see my heart break as I realize that a dark current of evil does indeed lurk below the sunny sheen of happiness that I had heretoforce known. Hmmph.

Anyway UIUC was nice and I appeciate them having me. They have a fancy new computer science building, courtesy of Tom Siebel (NCSA, where Marc Andreessen and cohorts cooked up the Mosaic web browser, has a fancy new building across the street). The CS department has 1000 students (including grad students) which is roughly the size of my entire class at Princeton. They had various doodads in the ACM office like a web-enable vending machine and a foosball playing robot (prone to mechanical breakdown, evidently).

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