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September 17, 2005

PDC Day 3/4: Monad Rocks

(A little slow in posting this, I'm now back home).

Day 3 started off well with Bob Muglia's general session. Bob literally bounded up on stage and gave a very energetic talk about Windows Server. He showed the roadmap for the next 3 years and it was: 2005 Windows Server R2; 2006 Server Compute Cluster Edition, WinFX, and Monad; and 2007 Longhorn Server. That's only a sampling of what people in Bob's division work on so it was gratifying to see Monad mentioned. He also had a slide later devoted to Monad, and asked the attendees to commit to writing Monad cmdlets. I was sitting in the back with a big smile on my face.

The rest of the day was mostly showing Monad to people in the Track Lounge. I got an Exchange 12 demo (showing Monad and MMC 3.0 integration) working on my laptop, which really brought the Monad story home. The demo was running Windows Server Enterprise Edition in Virtual PC on my 512 MB laptop -- so it was a little slow, but people still understood what we were doing.

That night there was "Ask the Experts" at dinner. All the Monad people (there were 6 of us there) sat at a table and anyone who wanted to talk to us could come by. I gather Ask the Experts at PDC 2003 wasn't as well organized. There were over 100 tables arranged by very specific expertise, like Visual Studio debugging or Windows Communication Foundation hosting.

The last day had no general session, just more time in the Track Lounge. At 2:30 they announced the show was over, then around 2:45 they turned off the wireless network (signalling that it was really over). I noticed they were selling Find the Bug in the on-site store and I counted 7 copies the first day and 5 the last, so that's at least 2 more sales (or maybe they sold 202 and put 200 more on the shelf). Then it was off to the airport, on a plane that was probably 50% Microsoft people, and then to sleep.

Posted by AdamBa at September 17, 2005 10:48 AM

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