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September 15, 2005

PDC Day 2: Lounging

More egyptology. I saw hieroglyphics, temple columns, nice golden status of Egyptian gods. A carving showing hands reaching down from Aten to the pharaoh. And I learned that Curse of Imhotep was true and I was soon going to be eaten by rats. No, I wasn't back at the King Tut exhibit, I was waiting in line to ride "The Mummy" roller coaster at Universal Studios, where the big PDC attendee party was.

The party was very well done. As far as I could tell they had the whole park open just for us, with a bunch of restaurants serving food (all free free free) as well as street performers, drinks, desserts....just another example of how well this conference has been organized. PDC banners by the airport, PDC logo on my hotel key. Even the food has been great. There is a constant supply of it, and there's healthy stuff: fruit, granola bars, trail mix, fruit drinks, even the cookies are Snackwells. A really impressive job. I was talking to one of the planners who said she started working on this last November.

I spent most of the day in the Track Lounge, giving Monad demos and answering questions. It's really a great opportunity for people to talk directly to the produc teams. It's also not super-busy, so you can spend 10-15 minutes with someone. It was also good to see some of our MVPs--Thomas "Monad Rocks" Lee spent some time hanging out with us.

It's funny though, you don't hear much about the outside world (we're not supposed to be surfing the web or reading email while working in the lounge). So people we're talking about Google's blog search and I had no idea what they were talking about.

Well, off to more of the same today.

Posted by AdamBa at September 15, 2005 11:02 AM

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