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September 13, 2005

PDC Day 0: Arrival

I arrived in L.A. yesterday. New sights and sounds, unknown experiences around every corner...and that's just the Westin Bonaventure hotel, in whose trippy confines I am laying my hat. My favorite part of the hotel (although I hesitate to make a call so early, at the risk of slighting some as-yet-unfound imcomprehensible architectural element) is the mirror in the bathroom. There are mirrors on two walls, which meet in a corner, and the sink is angled at 45 degrees so it points towards that corner. So when you shave, and look straight ahead, you see an image of yourself with right and left reversed...or not reversed ("Why do mirrors reverse left and right" is rumored to be a Microsoft interview question).

My second favorite would have to be the sign by the elevator, explaining that it appeared in a scene in the movie "True Lies". This constitutes, so far, the full extend of my celebrity sightings in Cali.

When I was in high school, a friend of mine wrote a short story in which he invented a new color. He included the following priceless phrase, which remains seared into my mind 20+ years later: "I named the new color epson, for no apparent reason." I was reminded of this at registration, when I was asked to choose my t-shirt. The shirts are grey with the PDC logo on the front, in a choice of 3 colors. But what colors...surely epson, if it ever really existed, lives on among these three. I'll attempt to describe them, hampered by my lack of drug consumption. One is a sort of hot fuschia, one is a green I can't really describe (except "it's the same color as the trim on my Gillette MPower razor") and the last one was called "sky blue"...but if I looked up and saw the sky that color I would blench. I agonized over the decision before choosing the antisocial green (which the person handing out the shirts helpfully informed was not the one he would have chosen).

After registering, I walked to the "Big Room", which has the Track Lounges, Hands-On Labs, Store, Exhibit, etc. One area is the Bean Bag Lounge, which features bean bags shaped like the Channel 9 Guy (must be seen to be believed). There are also a couple of life-sized Channel 9 dudes. So I guess I have seen a celebrity in L.A. And for once, he didn't look smaller in real life.

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