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June 10, 2005

Lee Holmes: Another Monad Blogger

There's another Monad blogger: Lee Holmes, a developer on the team. Lee's first post discusses our recent slashdotting.

Of course it wouldn't be a new day if there wasn't a new Slashdot story about Monad (sample comment: " This was my only reason to really get longhorn. oh well. I'll just stay with what I have now. gj micosoft"). Yesterday's was about Bob Muglia's comment that Monad would become the default shell in three to five years; today's story was about Bob Muglia's comment that Monad would become the default shell in three to give years PLUS the extra news that Monad would not ship in Longhorn. This extra fact was connected with Bob's comment and the resulting conclusion was that the REASON Monad would not ship in Longhorn was because it wouldn't be ready for three to five years. That's not what Bob said; he was talking about it being "fully developed and delivered". Actually I'm not sure what exactly he meant, but he wasn't talking about version 1. Getting a first version of Monad out is different from getting it to the point where you can stop shipping cmd.exe.

Posted by AdamBa at June 10, 2005 10:05 PM

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"Greatest thing ever in 3-5 years, we will toast Unix, and cure cancer, stay tuned for 2009, but oh yeah, it won't be in Longhorn, soverysorryaboutthat." Yeah see I see how it got mixed-up, but the "extra news" that Monad (or μονάς from BibleWorks 6, heh) would not ship in Longhorn, is really the main news, not the bad PR slash sideshow overhype of the "3 to 5 years". Great shell not in the great OS, who cares about the reasoning, it's still not there. Bottom-line: Body blow no matter how you frame it.

Posted by: Christopher Coulter at June 11, 2005 01:06 AM