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November 01, 2004

The Votemaster is Andrew Tanenbaum

This morning the "Votemaster", the brains behind the popular (and leftward-leaning, although scrupulously fair in its numbers) Electoral Vote Predictor website, revealed that his true identity was Andrew Tanenbaum, noted computer scientist, author, and programmer.

I used Tanenbaum's Operating Systems book in a class in college, and I have been following the EV Predictor site daily. This is one of those strange moments when two paths intersect completely unexpectedly. Sort of like hearing that Jennifer Tilly is dating Phil Laak.

Of course when I heard the news I headed over to Slashdot to submit it, but somebody already had, and now the site is slashdotted (although holding up pretty well).

Posted by AdamBa at November 1, 2004 08:14 AM

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Your link to electoral-vote has "http://" twice. In Firefox this causes an "I'm Feeling Lucky" query on Google for "http" which then bounces you to Microsoft.com
Another two paths intersecting?

Posted by: Edward at November 1, 2004 01:02 PM

Hmm. On my copy of Firefox it just fails. Anyway I fixed it, thanks.

- adam

Posted by: Adam Barr at November 1, 2004 02:49 PM