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October 17, 2004

Dubious About Podcasting

I am extremely dubious about podcasting. Actually I should clarify. I think professional podcasting -- making segments you would normally hear on the radio available as MP3s for digesting in quick, easy nuggets -- is a cool idea (the business model is probably broken without including ads, which makes it much less cool, but let's allow the podcasting hype to wash aside such concerns for the moment).

And as with any new technology, it will undoubtedly be used as a way to distribute pornography. Imagine having a new Jessie [WARNING: nasty pix there] soundbite every day, porncast pipin' hot to your iPod. My auto detailing bills would go through the roof.

Getting back to my point at hand, what I am really dubious about is personal podcasting, which we can call blogcasting. The fundamental problem is that a good blog post might take half an hour to write and adorn with links, but it only takes a couple of minutes to read. So you can keep up with a bunch of blogs. But with blogcasting, it takes just as long to listen to something as it does to record it.

I can scan multiple web sites daily. But I only listen to one morning radio show.

So it's fine now, when just a few people are spooging out this stuff. But since people simply can't keep up with as much audio content as they can written content, I can't see blogcasting scaling to much of anything. PLUS you can't search it (although I'm sure Google is working on that).

Of course, podcasting is hotter than the surface of the sun right now, so if I started a daily podcast of armpit noises I would immediately be acclaimed the lost dauphin of the blogiverse...but I'll pass, thank you.

Posted by AdamBa at October 17, 2004 09:58 PM

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I agree and dont at the same time....

I think that you are right that blog entries as audio posts probably wont take off..who knows, maybe we are wrong. I agree that it takes too long to listen to these relative to the time to record them. However, I argue that it also takes too long to create them as well. I think that the new kick of personal adhoc audio/video sharing/broadcasting could take off though. I think that someone or multiple people will have to blaze through the IP problems with all this as well.


Posted by: J.P. at October 18, 2004 08:07 AM

Nothing new here, mp3 eBooks/audio/radio content long been around, and double for Audible content. An extra layer of blog sync'ing as a new paradigm slash meme? Please. It's all simply a new “branding”, walking on iPod hype, as this Emperor has no clothes. Plus, where's the VIDEO? And because iPod has no video, everyone is saying you don’t need video. Yeah yeah, reminds me of the early Palm days, when they were saying no one needs color. All a stall, until said product gets whatever tech it be lacking. Also lost in all this overhype talk is production quality, the few samples of podcasts I have listened to, have been fair at best, not to mention rambling and pointless. There is a reason why radio professionals get paid lots of money, per show prep and holding interest. I more term this Egocasting.

But now that people are pitching podcasting as a the next big thing...


I got an idea from the way past, brought to future via Brent McLaws and Ian Allen: Microdots! Microdotcasting! Yay. New meme, heard it here first. Audio Content (or data) in Microdot form, upgradeable by WiFi low-power ad-hoc routing protocols on a crypted push connection, all powered by scavenger energy. The potentials: blog content, file storage, Xanalogical “Web” content, personalized audio publishing, targeted advertising, feeds and more feeds. Simple XM-like device (or ear piece), to pick up all Microdots slash Smart Dust data and audio, with USB cable to sync Dust data with other devices. A years worth of .NET Rocks in a SPRAY BOTTLE. Smart mobs on smart dust! Someone wanta go in on this with me? It’s the new D2D meme, I am lining up investors now. Woz, Allen you want in on this? Hot! Hot! Smart dust, ahoy. It’s gonna be big, I tell you, even John Doerr says so.

(For the terminally clueless, note sacrcasm) :)

Posted by: Christopher Coulter at October 20, 2004 04:57 AM

I like Podcasting and hope it's here to stay. I commute to and from work every day and was sick to death of "drive time radio". Now thanks to Podcasting I won't ever have to worry about it again. Between Podcasts and my radioShark (when it finally arrives) I'll have plenty to listen to. I appreciate that I can have my new content waiting and ready for me every morning. Some of the more hard core listeners to Podcasts have taken it upon themselves to use time compression software to allow them to listen to Podcasts faster (but at the same pitch). http://sox.sourceforge.com is what they're recommending for that, though I haven't tried it. Oh and I don't own an iPod - I listen on my Pocket PC with a 1GB SD card. It's no iPod, but it handles enough data to cover my drive to and from work about 5 times over. So yeah, I like Podcasting.

Posted by: Mark at October 20, 2004 08:35 PM

The point isn't if you can consume as many podcasts as blogs since you consume podcasts when you are not at your computer. Exercising, walking the dog, on the way to work.

Is radio bigger than blogging? Um, yes it is.... And this is closer to radio than blogging.


Posted by: Paul at October 24, 2004 07:20 PM