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October 25, 2004

A Quarter Turn to the Left

Microsoft has been cutting back a bit lately. If I had a dollar for every "bring your own toilet paper" joke I've heard recently, I'd have at least three bucks, maybe four.

About a month ago they stopped serving genuine Ivar's clam chowder and switched to a generic version that was the gastronomic equivalent of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Well, mirabile bloggu, a week ago there was a sign up in the cafeteria announcing that, by popular demand, they were bringing back the Ivar's clam chowder...and would even be featuring Ivar's salmon chowder on some days!

Given how much people bitched and moaned about some of the other budget trimming (no towel service, ESPP cuts), they must really have complained about the chowder. Or, perhaps, Eurest (the company that provides the food in the cafeterias) is actually a customer-facing company, like they tell us to be, and considers Microsoft employees to be its customers.

Posted by AdamBa at October 25, 2004 08:16 PM

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“gastronomic equivalent of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays” Dang, whata great phrase! Love your writing style. :)

Florida Marlins would sorta work too, as no one goes to their games, but then they won, even though seemingly 95% of audience members in the first round were Cubbie fans. So Devil Rays works much better. Florida and baseball, just don't seem to take, everyone plays it, and the Cuban population is rabid about such, but then Florida has so much else going on. Which speaking of Baseball, Microsoft and Google, if MSFT worried about Google poaching, hire Cub fans, they are loyal to the core, thick and thin, mostly thin. :)

Posted by: Christopher Coulter at October 26, 2004 05:31 AM

The last time I had lunch at RedWest (many moons ago now), I remember that Microsoft had a great deal of high-quality food in their cafeteria, and it was heavily subsidized to boot. It was one of the things at Microsoft that left the best impression on me.

Posted by: Rob Stevens at October 26, 2004 08:01 AM

When I was in Seattle, for the first time April 8, I loved Ivar's so much I went their twice. Actually there was an event one night and the second I just couldn't find a decent place to eat so me and a friend choose Ivar's (he hadn't been). Anyway, it was very good, so I can certainly understand why MSFT employees want Ivar's to stay! The cafeteria was excellent; who wouldn't want to work there?


Posted by: Matthew Weyer at November 1, 2004 12:10 AM