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February 03, 2007

Dreaming in Code

I finished reading Scott Rosenberg's Dreaming in Code and sent a review off to Slashdot; we'll see if they publish it. If not, I'll post it here. Perhaps you reading this because you followed the Slashdot link from my hopefully-accepted-in-the-future article, although I might have been scooped by the fact that a story was posted today about an interview with Rosenberg on Salon, the site he cofounded.

I agree with Joel Spolsky who found the book worthwhile but was frustrated by the foibles of the team it chronicles. They were a group of very experienced developers, yet they made all the same mistakes that you expect junior developers to make--in spades. Somehow their experiences didn't transfer to the new project, or perhaps as a group they couldn't leverage their experiences as much as they could individually. In any case they seem to feel, at the end of the book, that they have figured it out, but you wind up doubtful that their next project will be any better.

If you are looking for updates, the most basic is one from the OSAF blog about "Where we are today". Here is the website for Chandler itself (it's not just a Personal Information Manager, it's an Interpersonal Information Manager). These include screenshots, which look a lot like Outlook 2007 (not to imply it was ripped off, just that there is only so many ways to display this type of data). Although the calendar overlay looks pretty neat. Also, since I was curious what everybody looks like (something Scott Rosenberg doesn't really get into), here are pictures of Philippe Bossut, Donn Denman and Andy Hertzfeld (among others), Lisa Dusseault, Chao Lam, Ted Leung (scroll down), Lou Montulli, Sheila Mooney (on the right), Katie Parlante, Aleks Totic, and Michael Toy (bottom picture). Couldn't find any of Andi Vajda. Mitch Kapor, of course, looks like himself, but with more grey hair.

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