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January 02, 2007

Microsoft Tag Cloud

The Seattle P-I created something cool (NO WON'T SAY IT STOP ARGH MMMMFFFF): a doohickey-mabob that analyzed various Microsoft effluvia (speeches, interviews, etc) and created per-month tag clouds, dating back to 1975 (there are lots of gaps early on, since the entire Microsoft ephemera for some years is a single item). It also provides links to the original documents.

Some of the stuff is a bit random-whatever-we-could-get-our-hands-on-ish (like the January 1995 press release announcing Microsoft Bob). There's also some significant stuff missing, like Bill Gates's Comdex keynote from November 1990. But overall it does provide an interesting look at the competitors and technologies that were on Microsoft's mind at various stages. And presumably if more source documents are added in over time, it will become more accurate.

Chirag Mehta, the guy who wrote the tool to produce the tag cloud (and you can make your own also!) also did one for US presidents, which includes all the State of the Union addresses back to the original GW. "In resuming your consultations for the general good you can not but derive encouragement from the reflection that the measures of the last session have been as satisfactory to your constituents as the novelty and difficulty of the work allowed you to hope". What?

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