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January 11, 2006

More Seattle Weather

Back in December I wrote an article about the Seattle weather forecast (which Robert Scoble was kind enough to link to). My comment was that it was hard to find unique ways to say "45 degrees and rainy."

So in the following days I looked at a few more forecasts and noticed something else. Compare the forecasts for December 20 and December 21. This is December 20:

And this is December 21:

Since they are one day apart, the named days do match up--Thursday == Thursday etc.--if you want to see how the forecast changed in one day. But my real point is that the first one is your typical one that reminds you of the maze in the game "Adventure", where it permutes the words "maze", "twisty", "little" and "passages" to come up with a unique moniker for each location (except in this case the person writing the descriptions committed the faux pas of making Saturday and Monday identical).

But then the next day is more of the jokey description, like the one for the 18th. The forecasts officially all come from KOMO weather person Steve Pool, but it would seem that the descriptions are written by different people on different days, or at least by one person who changes moods as often as the (ba-bump) weather.

By coincidence, December 18, the day I posted the initial weather report, marked the first day in what has become a 24-day streak of rainy days that is pretty soggy, even for Seattle. It's approaching the record of 33 days set back in 1953. Here's another report from the 27th (which isn't wildly relevant, except I scanned it so I might as well post it). This one is a bit of a mix between the "jokey" and "corporate" styles:

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