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May 29, 2005

Running in Marymoor Park

If you go running on the Sammamish River Trail, here's a nice way to continue your run into Marymoor Park. I knew that near the south end of Marymoor there was an overlook onto Lake Sammamish, but I had never tried to reach it. So finally I figured it out.

The easiest way I found is to first run to the climbing wall (if you are coming south on the Sammamish River Trail, cross the footbridge next to the car entrance, and then follow that path past the fields and playgrounds (and all the parcourse stops) to where the Veoldrome is). When you run around to the back of the climbing wall, you can either go straight ahead along the side of the building, or turn 90 degrees to the right. Turn right (if you look at this 2 meg PDF map, you are running to the west of the "Cricket Field"). Now you want to keep going in the same direction, but this means you have to cross the road at an angle and then continue to the back of Lot G. At the back you will see two white posts. Run between them and you will be on the Interpretive Trail, to the left (outside) of the Off-Leash Dog Area. At that point you are all set, just keep running, eventually you will hit a short boardwalk and then the lake overlook.

To run back, you can take the other part of the trail that leads to the overlook. You run on dirt for a bit (muddy in the rain), then you go through a gate and are in a different part of the Off-Leash Dog Area. There's a nice run on gravel next to the river (watch for frolicking off-leash pooches) and then you wind your way through the parking lot ("South Lot") and then back to the road. There are a variety of ways to do that part, as you can see from the map (as far as I can tell, however, the little section of trai right above the words "SEE INSET", which looks like a good route, is just a place where the grass/weeds have been mowed, so the footing is a bit tricky).

You can also run it in the opposite direction, but finding the trail is easier the way I gave it--the best way to figure out how get there the other way is to first run it clockwise and then see where you come out. A run from Luke McRedmond Park to the overlook and back (approaching via one route and leaving via the other) is roughly five miles.

Posted by AdamBa at May 29, 2005 10:10 PM

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