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May 15, 2005

Mariners Report

We went to our first Mariners game since opening day. Surely if your chance of catching a baseball were proportional to the time you spent analyzing Richie Sexson's ball-tossing habits, my pockets would soon be weighed down with souvenirs a-plenty.

To start, I was somewhat stressed when the couple behind us explained that Sexson only tossed the ball into the stands if he thought it was dirty. What kind of logic is that? As they say in baseball, "Stop thinking, you're hurting the team." She did say that Jerry, our faithful seat attendant, was going to talk to him about that. It didn't matter much in the first four innings because Ryan Franklin struck out the last batter in each one (ESPN has the game log here). The fifth inning ended with a strikeout-caught-stealing double play, which meant that Bret Boone had the ball at the end of the inning. Boone, crafty veteran that he is, took the time to look for a kid to throw it to, so we had no chance (no kids with us). Finally the sixth ended with a play at first, but Sexson threw the ball to the right of the aisle. The seventh ended with a line drive to Beltre at third. When he ran in he tossed it right towards us, in fact I think he was aiming for my wife who a) was wearing a red jacket b) had a glove on c) is female, but somebody right in front reached out and snagged it (nice one-handed grab, sadly). Then both the eighth and ninth innings ended with plays at first, but Sexson threw to the right side of the aisle both times, meaning it was three for them and none for us. Hmmmf.

In another random note, at the end of the 6th inning they presented someone with a free cruise from Norwegian Cruise Lines, said presentation happening right in front of us on top of the Mariners dugout.

They were also doing the Mariners Care silent auction, which I think is every Saturday game. One of the items they were auctioning off was "groundskeeper for a day". I actually did that a couple of years ago--must write about it sometime.

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