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May 15, 2005

iSold It on eBay

I was cr00zin' around the Eastside in my pimped out Honda Odyssey when out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign over a store that looked like it had the word "eBay" in it. WTF? So I looked again, and lo and behold it was a store called "iSold It on eBay" (or maybe it was "iSOLD it on eBay" or "iSoLd iT On eBaY"). A quick spin of the web search revealed that it's a hot Hot HOT franchise opportunity. You set up a store and people bring you their crap that want to unload on eBay. You post the listing, hold the item, and ship it to the winner.

Actually according to the listing, while individual drop-off is the public face of the store, you should also be working behind the scenes to grab overstock and inventory sales to generate your own sources of junk to sell. So basically you are becoming an eBay seller, but with a storefront to widen your tchotchke-trolling capability.

Here's the company website. Gak, they have these everywhere. The one I saw was in Bellevue; they also claim one is coming soon to Redmond (is THAT what's going in where Keeney's Office Supply used to be?). All the locations have a similar eBay name ("isoldit." + store#) so you can easily find all the hairballs that the Bellevue store is selling. The most expensive item in the whole iSold It world is this patent for a utility glove that a franchisee in Colorado is trying to unload for $150K (no offers yet).

What if you want to sell your franchise? I wonder if you can sell it on eBay. Probably not. You have to go to your local "iSold it on Franchise Works" store.

Posted by AdamBa at May 15, 2005 09:46 PM

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