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September 24, 2004


I was looking at the Amazon.com "Similar Items" listing for Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters and in addition to 9 books, there were also three other things: The game Sims 2, the soundtrack to the movie "Garden State", and the "Star Wars" DVD set that just came out. Another mysterious free association from the mind of Amazon.

That was from my computer at work. For some reason when I check that from home, I get different results, only 4 books, and different ones too.

Posted by AdamBa at September 24, 2004 10:16 PM

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I wonder if that was me. I bought your book from Amazon.co.uk and have had The Sims 2 in my wishlist since February and the Star Wars DVDs in there since June.

Posted by: Edward at September 25, 2004 06:25 AM

That's interesting. Maybe a single purchase gives some "juice" for a few hours and then it goes away.

I wonder where the "Garden State" reference comes from. It could give a clue how deep Amazon's tentacles reach into the WWDE (the World Wide Database of Everything). Did you buy movie tickets online for it (is it out in the UK?). Or perhaps they accessed my "Permanent Record" and discovered I used to work in New Jersey.

- adam

Posted by: Adam Barr at September 25, 2004 08:13 AM

Perhaps the relation of the items is also calculated using your previous searches and shoppings. The shoppings are stored on your account, which, I suppose, is the same at home and work, but the searches seem not to be stored between sessions.

Posted by: Lucian Sandor at September 26, 2004 12:16 PM