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September 06, 2004

It Happened for Me Last Night

In the movie Youngblood, there's a scene I remember set in the house where some of the players are living. Junior hockey players, who are generally in their late teens, usually stay with host families in the cities where they play. In this particular scene, the woman who lives in the house has taken Rob Lowe upstairs for a little hanky-panky, evidently a rite of passage in this particular house. And the goalie, who per the stereotypes of hockey movies is French-Canadian, looks around wide-eyed and says, "It happened for me last week!"

So about a week ago I turned on automatic updates to our new Windows XP SP1 computer, as a way to get SP2 installed. The downloads happen at 3 am, but I guess it waits until the alignment of the planets and/or the server load is amenable before picking the night to do it, because every morning when I would go to check, it was still plain ol' SP1. Finally, last night the computer got its ashed hauled. So now we have SP2, I guess, it's in the other room finishing the install right now, and I haven't heard any explosions.

Shocking postscript: According to the Amazon.com reviews of the movie, the goalie in Youngblood was played by Keanu Reeves in his first role. Thinking back, he does look vaguely familiar.

Posted by AdamBa at September 6, 2004 09:02 PM

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