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September 02, 2004


At the Peclers Paris presentation, there was a woman named Charcy Evers, who is an analyst for Peclers covering Washington, Oregon, and Texas (not sure how they arrived at that geographic lumping). Ten years ago Charcy was a model for Elite, and during the presentation by Francoise, she was sitting two rows in front and just to my left.

Since I don't normally sit that close to models (or former models), I spent a bit of time observing Charcy. I had heard that often when you see a model away from a runway or photo shoot, they can look somewhat plain. I wouldn't call Charcy plain (there's a picture here, but it's not a particularly good one), but it's true that if I saw her in a room, I would certainly think she was attractive, but I wouldn't necessarily think "Wotta babe" and pick her out as a model.

Still, I can see why a designer would view her as a good place to hang their clothes. Her features are fairly angular, which I think makes them more striking when lit properly. She had great cheekbones. I have heard that having a symmetric face (left-right) is important for models, but I couldn't judge that.

She's also tall, and lanky. At a certain point in the presentation she was leaning against the wall, and if you think there is not a good way and a bad way to lean against a wall, think again. She had draped herself just so, and her carriage, as they say, was a thing of beauty.

Posted by AdamBa at September 2, 2004 10:12 PM

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