Channel 9 Guy Visit Legoland

Adam and I went to Legoland!


A little coffee before we head out. I didn't drink the whole thing, honest.


On I-5 South, approaching the infamous San Onofre nuclear power plant.


A quick stop to look out at the ocean.


Buckle up for safety!




I've got mine.


One advantage of being four inches drive right over you.




Hanging out with the king.


I like it here at the Kennedy Space Center...everyone is the right size.


In front of Mann's Chinese Theater. I know, I'm such a tourist.


Trick-or-treating in Georgetown. "What are you dressed up as, young man?"


Watching the Mardi Gras parade.


Time for a drink before we head off to the Model Builder session.


Look ma, I got a job!


The Master Builders arrange things by shape, color, and foam content.


My long-lost twin brother!


Granny's Apple Fries. If you know, you know.




What!?! You can be a guy and still like Clickits!


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